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This past Tuesday, the 15th, Josh (my boyfriend) and I tripped on shrooms. It was my third time whereas it was his first time. We didn't have a sitter or anything, and it was kind of spur of the moment. The day before Josh kind of wanted to do it, but he had the idea too late in the evening for us to do it.

Tuesday morning, I woke up and went to work...I didn't eat anything until I got home, and I instructed Josh to wait to eat until I got home. A stroke of luck, Eric, the big gay data specialist, sent me home a little early. So, I got home early, brought wood in for the fire place, and then made us each a peanut butter and jelly sandwich each filled with 1.5 grams of shrooms...Josh actually had 1.7 grams. The empty stomach idea worked out really well, almost too well. We smoked some weed while we ate and watched Dexter and Law and Order: SVU.

Slowly, I began to yawn more and more and feel more and more high...My body began to feel very light and very heavy at the same time...I wanted to lay down and continue to move around. I decided to lay on the bed with Josh and we both began to get very giggly and giddy; tickling each other and rolling around...Being stupid. It was fun. I was already tripping about 40 to 60 minutes into it...I went to the bathroom and stared at the ceiling. There were several transparent layers moving independently of themselves, and the texture of the ceiling was all fractalized (if that's a word...Everything looked like fractals). It was awesome, and it moved so smoothly like liquid. The ceiling in the livingroom did the same thing, but had blue, green, and purple colors infused into it.

Josh made me transfer money on the internet from one account to another, and it was really hard and I didn't want to have anything to do with technology. I shut off the computer as fast as possible, as soon as I transfered the money. Yuck, technology, it was just so horrible to interact with. The TV wasn't as bad but I was unable to follow the Law and Order episodes, no matter how much Christopher Meloni they threw at me. In fact, the images on the tv looked very flat and like motor oil on water. It was awesome.

Josh and I made a semi bad choice of trying to have sex while we were tripping, it only worked for a little while. I think we did it for like 5 or 10 minutes before we both lost interest. Haha! It was funny, we both mutually stopped having sex...Neither one of us climaxed but we were both done, it was weird. As if we got distracted or was just with that activity...It was weird. But it was okay, everything was okay. I was incredibly positive the entire time, nothing got me down...It was fun while it lasted but now it was time to do something else.

After a few minutes after that, I began to feel like I was going to puke. I didn't try to hold it back, I just went to the bathroom and began puking. I wasn't upset, I just wanted the feeling to stop. I puked a lot. And I was still naked. Everytime I threw up there was a visual echo of the bathroom that slammed into my brain, it was awesome. Painful but awesome. Everything had miniture trails around it and the toilet melted a little bit...So did my face when I looked at my eyes in the mirror. My pupils were huge!

I told Josh I was throwing up, and I realized I didn't want to be in the house anymore...Especially the living room. So, I told him to get dressed and he brought me my clothes. It annoyed me that I couldn't just think about being dressed and then suddenly being dressed, it made me laugh how much it annoyed me. I put my clothes on, and he did too...Took his time though. I packed a bowl to help my stomach; Josh was also sick but he refused to throw up...He said he liked the fight. That's fine. As long as he doesn't throw up on me or my stuff or himself. We were ready and went outside for a walk and a smoke.

It was SO bright outside! Wow! I had to walk slowly to not aggrevate my stomach, it was so sensitive. We paced back and forth a few times in front of the house trying to decide which way to go. We finally decided to go south and then east. I tried to take a hit, but it was very difficult to smoke...Everything made me want to throw up...And I was a little nervous about intensifying my trip too much. So I stopped at one. We walked and Josh smoked most of it. I'm certain Josh was tripping just as hard as I was, but he didn't stop to watch anything morph or change...He was too busy in his head, dealing with all the new feelings. That's fine.

We walked and laughed and talked...It was very cold outside, but it was really nice and refreshing...It didn't feel quite right, and my body wouldn't move in the same way...So I walked slowly and somewhat wobbly. We probably spent 30 or 45 minutes outside. I have no clue. Time didn't matter to me...There was some traffic drving by, and the exhaust fumes were really intense and horrible. Thankfully they dissipated quickly, and I could continue to try to ignore the vomit feeling. We walked back and played with Amy the dog a little bit through the fence. She was really excited and ran in circles, which was really weird...It seemed like she did it forever...She had trails and also appeared very flat against her background. Strange.

We came back and finished the bowl, I lit a new fire in the fireplace, and we hung out in the livingroom. Miracle came home and hung out with us...I fell asleep on the floor...But it wasn't really sleep. I was completely aware of my surroundings...The sounds of the tv and Josh and Miracle's funny banter created images of the room around me on my eyelids. They were eating Chex Mix and the crunching was SO loud and vivid in my head. Everytime I'd open my eyes everything was blurry but would come into focus with blue and green hues resting on everything. I sat up in front of the fire and shut my eyes, I again fell into a false sleep...And slowly but surely I became more alert and aware as I came down. Miracle says after a while, "Look at Coco, she's all zombified in front of the fire...Did she take those shrooms?" Haha! Spot on, so I admitted to it.

After a little while, Miracle and I went to Subway and Teriyaki Chicken Bowl to get food for all of us. It was delicious to eat after so long! We watched TV and after a couple of hours Miracle went to bed. We did laundry, took a shower, and smoked again before going to bed. I had work the next day, which was okay...I felt really strange but really good...Still reeling from the day before. It was an amazing trip...I'm still recalling details about it. I really want to do them again! Despite puking and feeling sick, I had a great time...The puking didn't bother me that much either. It was such a beautiful day and I'm glad that we got outside for a walk on shrooms. It went really well. I want to do them again before it gets too hot...Maybe in the spring time. April?!
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