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Wow. *Just realized she never posted an intro!*

(X-posted to one other community!)

Hey all!

I was introduced to this community by the incrediable, ediable [info]mazz who suggested I post here.

Anyway, the name is Kuro. 20/f/VA, MI in a month to be with my mate. My intrests include drawing anthro art, videogames and of course, the glorious leaf lovingly known as MaryJ. I havn't been able to actually smoke in forever being my uncle has been banned from our properity, (Long story) and my bro is in the hospital, and will most likely never be able to smoke again. (Again, long story)

Anyway~ I am hoping to meet more furries who share the same intrests as I, both IRL and on here.

Take care. ~Kuro
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