the_bassman (the_bassman) wrote in pothead_furs,

My top 10 most and least favorite towns I've found reefer in

Most Favorite
10. Tampa, FL
9. Dothan, AL
8. Everett, WA
7. Nuevo Loredo (Mexico)
6. West Palm Beach, FL
5. Carrolton, GA
4. Paris, TN
3. Plant City, FL
2. Colorado Springs, CO
1. McAllen, TX (Their dimes are a fine example of how everything's bigger in Texas!)

Least Favorite
10. Huntington, IN (way too many assholes)
9. New Orleans, LA (way too many crackheads)
8. Baton Rouge, LA
7. Gary/Hammond, IN
6. Jefferson City, MO
5. Janesville, WI (Like Huntington, IN except they're not as poor)
4. Greenwood, MS
3. Jackson, MS (They rob you worse than crack dealers there!)
2. Memphis, TN
1. Cleveland, OH (It's like $20 for 1 damn joint there!)
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