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Pothead Word Of The Day!

Hiya!  So um, I've been lurking here for about a week... I suppose I've been involved with the fandom long enough to be called a furry, and to this day I commend my ex-beatnik folks for raising me to be the finely tuned and well cultured pothead that I am... so I figured that this would be a fun place to make new friends and talk about silly stuff... Anyways!...

So, presuming that we're all adults here... how many of you guys are into reading Dan Savage's syndicated weekly sex-advice column "Savage Love"?  Anybody who reads it pretty much knows of his awesome ability to come up new and catchy neologisms. So I looked over the new column today and thought of you guys. ^.^   Your new pothead word of the day, courtesy of Mr. Savage is:

CORNERSTONE - When you get high in order to break through a sexual inhibition—like when pot helps you "turn a corner" sexually.  :-D

(Example: "[Sue Johanson] wanted to peg her boyfriend [Dr. Drew Pinsky], but he just couldn't do it until he got cornerstoned.") *chuckles*   (Hint: Read the column! It'll all make sense! Hee. ;-D)

So as an icebreaker, I was wondering (in an unabashed sort of way ^.^), have any of you have ever experienced a "cornerstone"? Like Mr. Savage's anal-phobic interpretation of Dr. Drew, I'm sure I was high the first time discovered the joys of anal stimulation! LOL!  :-D 

Heh, apologies in advance if I sound a little forthcoming... what's a silly horny stoner bunny to do? I just thought that the topic would make for fun conversation.  XD  Anyways, enjoy your day tokers!  *squees and hops off*  o.o 

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