deyna_otter (deyna_otter) wrote in pothead_furs,

Stoner Poetry (sorry in advance)

Close Yet Far
by Deyna T. Otter

I stir in my sleep and open my eyes.
I can feel the warmth of your naked body.
Smiling, I run a finger softly down your spine,
enjoying how you shiver in your sleep.
And in an instant I am sad.
Because tonight was supposed to be different.
Mutual thirsts quenched and nothing more.
Lust satisfied, but emotions left hungry.
I feel it in my very heart and it hurts.
Three words that shouldn't be said,
But heavy on my lips.
I want more.
I want your body.
I want your mind.
I want your heart.
I hold you close and kiss the back of your neck.
Not gone and yet I miss you already.
Tonight was supposed to be different,
and tomorrow will hurt more than anything.
But I will say nothing so you can be happy
That is all that matters to me.
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